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This pair of shoes has too many advantages, such as classic design, quality materials, top-producing area, excellent workmanship and good combat performance, but it is also very obvious shortcomings.
Despite the fact that you still look Copa shape and classical, but can not help but feel old-fashioned, Nike Mercurial CR7 Lava TF Black White Total Crimson attractive to young people clearly inadequate, catch young would mean the loss of most of the market, a new assassin, Wasps, X15 is more cool and more young people like to discuss. Secondly, it is too heavy to modern football, increasingly rapid pace of modern football, against the more powerful, players urgently need a pair of lightweight shoes to reduce physical exertion, lightweight boots single 150g of them more attractive, but some players want to wear Copa race high strength so that they really insufficient.
But if you are not a pro, do not play high-intensity game, Copa is still a very good choice, you get a lot of top-level experience from the Copa, in terms of comfort, materials, workmanship, etc.,, Copa is still on the market performance one of the best products.
Fotballsko CR7 Nike Mercurial Vapor Superfly X AG Neon Neon Sort Salg New Nike Hypervenom Phinish Neymar FG Black Light Crimson White
This pair of shoes if copied adidas X football shoes? Chinese Xtep brand, New Nike Hypervenom Phinish Neymar FG Black Light Crimson White well-known Spanish Villa Alta sponsor, has just released their first high-end soccer shoes. They also invited the former AC Milan striker Andriy Shevchenko as a spokesperson. Let’s take a look at Xtep blade generation soccer shoes.
Black primary color, with different shades of gray and fluorescent yellow embellishment, Xtep’s first soccer shoes with bold geometric gray camouflage pattern as a vamp. The most prominent are fluorescent yellow collar, the entire pair of shoes looks elegant and excellent.
Xtep Logo appeared on the shoes heel and outsole.
From a technical point of view, this double blade generation soccer shoes adidas X give us a very strong soccer shoes déjà vu. Collar design is almost the same as soccer shoes adidas X series; while synthetic upper material is this pair of shoes looks honeycomb structure, Nike Mercurial Superfly X AG Neon Neon Black Sales the upper and front poison generation soccer shoes and New Balance Visaro exactly the same.

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Copa Mundial football shoe manufacturing set an example, it has established the image of soccer shoes are also popular: rounded shoes, black and white classic match – including the soles and uppers of black and white with black and white collocation, lane lateral toe laps plus a large tongue.
Indeed, Copa there are multiple versions, Copa Mundial is the most common, 2016 Nike Mercurial Superfly FG CR7 White Black Yellow there are 13 plastic nails soles for ordinary grass, and slippery areas will need to nail the soles six Copa World Cup, Mundial Team Copa TF broken nails version is currently the first choice for many football referee, the indoor version is called Copa Mundial Goal. World Cup was born in 1978, was born on time, early in the Mundial.
2016 Nike Mercurial Superfly FG CR7 hvit Svart Gul Nike Mercurial Victory X FG Fluorescence Red
Numerous players of legendary interpretation of it more intense, Beckenbauer, Matthaeus, Zico, Platini …… 1980s after players in, just pick one probably Copa loyal customers . Until today’s game players are still wearing the Copa, 06 German World Cup team star striker Miroslav Klose wearing it participate in the competition, not long ago Kaka also wearing a pair of blackened Copa.
In addition to the current Adidas contract frontline players (such as Macy’s, Bell, Muller, Robben, etc.) customized sneakers and Copa Mundial, other models Adidas shoes have been to third world countries, Nike Mercurial Veloce II FG Football Scroll Black production quality while reducing costs also will decline. Adidas Copa Mundial in order to maintain quality, and always adhere to the German origin, production process retained a large part of manual, so shoes made out of more refined and durable.
Kangaroo leather upper with a large area to provide a good touch, and a number of road car line reinforcement prevents excessive deformation, excellent shoe setting process and make it wear very fit, very comfortable. Spike polyurethane and TPU soles to protect the outsole wear resistance and supportive, and some slight cushioning effect. Flip large tongue is a major feature of the Copa, but also many people’s feelings hard to break away, but did not have much practical effect, Nike Mercurial Victory X FG Fluorescence Red some people will choose to cut it to make the shoes appear to be more agile.

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The first is the use of blue / pink / white color of the Ds Light 2 soccer shoes, toe section uses soft kangaroo leather material, toe alignment return to tradition. The word “Asics” medial portion with pink stamping replace traditional sewing Asics went Logo, bring more smooth ball surface.
Nike Hypervenom Phantom II TF boots svart Red hvit Nike Elastico Superfly Football IC Orange Black Neon Neon
Another yellow / blue / green color Ds Light 2 soccer shoes for wide feet population is developed Ds Light 2 Wide, also uses kangaroo leather toe material, Nike Elastico Superfly Football IC Orange Black Neon Neon clean the inside of the foot part of the reservation of the ball surface. Outsole is still equipped with a two-layer structure Dimple Sole outsole ensure sneakers still light.
Has a long history as a series of soccer shoes, Diadora Brasil’s soccer shoes series witnessed numerous moments of world football. As an important figure in the history of Japanese football, the Brazilian star Zico a player wearing soccer shoes Diadora Brasil. The Diadora Brasil soccer shoes it is precisely then that the Italian brand, “Bai Beili” carefully crafted boots.
The release of the Diadora Brasil OG 1984 replica soccer shoes will faithfully engraved as Zico year Diadora Brasil launched the first appearance of soccer shoes, shoes to create high-quality kangaroo leather, heel embroidered with the words “1984.” In the field of soccer shoes, Italy represents the highest level of soccer shoes, shoe-making process, this Diadora Brasil OG 1984 remake by Diadora soccer shoes Italian factory craftsmen handmade.
Copa Mundial soccer shoe industry is legendary, Nike Hypervenom Phantom II TF Boots Black Rod White was born in 30 years ago, is the 1982 World Cup Adidas soccer shoes specially designed Adidas founder Adolf – Adi – Dassler personally involved in the design. In 30 years of production and sales, Copa Mundial soccer shoes stable sales list, created numerous sales miracle, unprecedented huge sales, but also almost certainly no latecomers, once almost every kicker dreams have a pair of Copa mundial. More valuable is that it has maintained the original basic design, 2016 Nike Mercurial Superfly FG CR7 White Black Yellow this pair of shoes until today is still 30 years ago, a pair of “genuine,” Copa Mundial, only some adjustments in the details.

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SNEAKER by the community as extended, first appeared SNEAKER brand is CONVERSE, founded in 1908.
Nike%20Mercurial%20Victory%20X%20FG%20Red%20Yellow Nike Elastico Superfly IC Gra White Neon Football
Rubber-soled shoes are rooted in the industrial revolution a fairly modern invention in the vulcanized rubber of new materials and new production lines invent, manufacture various shoes like before hand done by the shoemaker, and can be efficiently produced and cheaper.
Early 18th century gave birth to many sneaker brands, Nike Elastico Superfly IC Gra White Neon Football but until the rubber-soled shoes to Hollywood after a fashion, rubber-soled shoes became the athletes wear mainstream Hollywood twice to select shoes and fashion wear, once in the 1930s, once in the 1950s, teen idol – History of James Dean. – T-shirts and jeans sneakers shadow stills since then, these are cheap and durable shoes become part of the world following the formal dress teen the schedule will be set forth in the history of sneakers on the technical and cultural.
AR, NIKE’s AIR FORCE 1, 2016 Nike Mercurial Superfly FG Camo Pack, etc., these sneakers will sport its own monotonous mechanization step by step guide to comfortable, casual, fashion, really establish belonging SNEAKER culture.
SNEAKER culture and will be pushed to the extreme, is part of the 1985 AIR JORDAN series of basketball shoes. NIKE AIR JORDAN series in its home, is a series known as the god of MICHEAL JORDAN basketball tailored. With the NBA ubiquitous JORDAN, AIR JORDAN series of basketball shoes have been loved by the public, SNEAKER culture and it has the ultimate appreciation.
Domestic SNEAKER culture started late due to NIKE, ADIDAS and other foreign brands to the late 1980s began the influx of the domestic market, Nike Mercurial Victory X FG Red Yellow coupled with the limited level of domestic consumption, resulting in domestic SNEAKER in the 1990s began to be turning around.

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Whether or low-heeled high-heeled shoe with its first look at whether a natural flush. For more than half of high-heeled women’s shoes in terms. More importantly, the following two points: First, the heel should be firmly attached to the insole. Swing around, should not shake; the second is not less than the bottom surface of the palm heel.
5. InsoleNike%20Mercurial%20Victory%20X%20FG%20Orange%20Yellow%20Black Nike Mercurial Victory X FG Orange Yellow Black
On the one hand, to see the insole material, preferably leather. On the other hand, Nike Mercurial Superfly CR7 AG Black Flame White strongly pressed to hand back files, the equivalent of shoes when the instep portion, motionless better. Under the action of this force, such as the shoe along the mouth deformation, indicating a problem with the quality of the shoe.
6. stability
The shoe on a flat surface, shoes should immediately stationary, such shoes is good stability, and this is one of the basic conditions for high-quality shoes.
After more than 30 years of extensive and rapid development, China’s footwear industry has accumulated a lot of contradictions, export-oriented shoe industry, faced with shrinking international market, Nike Football Tiempo Legacy TF Yellow Black Red but also from the major markets coupled with the country’s anti-dumping and other trade protection measures China’s footwear industry pressure, the size of the business at the same time appeared a large number of small business failures.
Some years ago, due to rising labor costs, raw materials and exchange rate fluctuations and other factors, there are a lot of shoe transfer of production bases to Southeast Asia. And China – the ASEAN Free Trade Area, Vietnam, India, Pakistan and other places of the rapid development of the footwear industry. According to statistics, from January to November 2010, the Vietnamese sports shoes output grew 20.2%, above-scale enterprises shoes output grew 23.4% on Chinese footwear industry caused a very large potential threat.
Chinese shoe company’s strength is still very strong. Chinese footwear industry after nearly 20 years of development, with high-quality investment environment and advantages of labor resources, has established a complete industrial chain, Nike Mercurial Victory X FG Orange Yellow Black the formation of a variety of footwear production of industrial clusters, establish and improve the finished footwear and shoes timber markets and footwear research and development center and information center.
Although the Chinese footwear industry is now also facing domestic policy factors and the impact of rising labor costs and competition from India, Brazil, Vietnam, Indonesia and other countries in terms of middle and low shoes, high-end shoes in another aspect, Italy, Spain, Portugal and other countries competition, but China footwear industry competitive advantage is still difficult match than the other countries.

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That SNEAKER basketball shoes, sneakers lovers will also SNEAKER into word, making SNEAKER have a broader definition. Basketball is a strenuous exercise, in order to cope with the intense exercise, for a pair of basketball shoes is concerned, you need to have good durability, support, stability, Nike Mercurial Veloce II FG Football Orange Black comfort and good cushioning effect. Basketball constantly start, stop, jump and quickly move around such action so that you in the selection of basketball shoes must be characteristic of the shoe on the absolute top. In addition, your personal style of play is also a very important factor, you can choose what they need different types of basketball shoes in accordance with this.
Nike Youth MercurialX Proximo TF svart Blue hvit Red Nike Children Mercurial X Proximo TF Football Black Scroll White Rod
Identification shoes quality is good or bad, from the need to focus on both the appearance and internal indicators. Due to the inherent indicators often need the help of test equipment for a consumer in terms of quality up identification of shoes from the appearance of more practical significance. From the appearance, Football Nike Mercurial Superfly FG Black Neon Internet mainly to identify good or bad quality shoes through the shoe material (including uppers, soles, shoes) both quality and workmanship. Size can be measured, to process visual, hands touching, pinching, pushing the main.
1. Vamp (help)
Shoe upper is mainly composed of one part. For glossy shoes, to see whether soft and plump, after pressing the upper hand, whether loose surface phenomenon, a good shoe should be plump soft, comfortable feel, gloss uniform, no loose surface phenomenon. Suede uppers for shoes, it should be careful to check whether their hair short and uniform color tone should also be consistent. The upper part of the shoe is, it is for the upper reinforcement to prevent deformation of the upper extend and improve the use of the foot feeling. Therefore, a good shoe material (such as real leather shoes) should have a good touch, breathable and humidity resistance, and not easy to fade. In the sewing, shoes should not have wrinkles and fat edges.
2. insole
After the usual men’s half cushion insole or heel pads. Shoes with full coverage bottom pad. Insole insole has kept clean, covered insole irregularities, in order to improve the role of Jiaogan. Thus, the insole should have a good smoke, humidity resistance. In the work, Nike Children Mercurial X Proximo TF Football Black Scroll White Rod flat insole should adhere to the insole, not wrinkled phenomenon of floating.
3. Outsole
From the outside, combined with state of the outer periphery of the bottom should be closely bonding without voids, the bottom surface should be flat.

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Umbro currently has four major product lines soccer shoes: traditional Speciali, velocity-type Velocita, strength-UX, control type Medusae.
Listed in February of Medusae Umbro soccer shoes is the youngest of the new Umbro Medusae soccer shoes while positioning control type, but still chosen and brother Velocita similar integrated Pebax outsole ultra-light materials, allowing for faster startup and more dexterous turn, this outsole unique diamond studs and distribution, provides the perfect grip; on the outsole, 2016 Nike Magister Obra FG Football Rod Host Pur Champions League Umbro is Medusae EVA insole with a fine, comfortable, breathable, let your feet free Breathe.
Nike%20Mercurial%20Victory%20X%20FG%20Fluorescence%20Red Nike Mercurial Victory X FG Fluorescence Red
Single shoe weight of only 185 grams of Medusae completed comparable speed-type shoes, kangaroo leather upper and midfoot unique combination of high performance mesh to make these shoes unique, creating a traditional Umbro soccer shoes of a new era, perhaps Medusae Speciali new era.
As control of the football shoes, the most important is a good touch. Quality kangaroo leather upper, Nike Mercurial Superfly boots IC Scroll Multicolor to ensure perfect ball player experience; shoes using high-tech central energy grid material with Umbro A-Frame support structure to ensure stability while greatly reducing the weight of the shoes.
Magic touch, lightning-fast, positioning this pair Medusae Umbro soccer shoes quite new, magical touches experience, both lightweight, soft and flexible, young players will love this football shoes. This year’s America’s Cup, the Chilean national team Pinilla wear this shoe to help the team clinch the Gold Cup.

Because feelings, so loving. Umbro has a 92-year-old British veteran brand of football, is no stranger to the Chinese consumers. In particular, Nike Mercurial Victory X FG Fluorescence Red China 80,90 generation of Umbro full of affection and memories. Umbro will Relay China many young fans of the glory and the dream, more confident with the China Youth together to create and realize their dreams.

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As a leader in the wave of white shoes, Pa screen big show, street shooting point, we need to understand who the next Stan Smith Yes. He is a legendary figure tennis, shoes born in the 1960s, as the first pair of signature shoes, continued selling is still the best selling single product adidas a shoe.
It Rober Haillet 1963 as the prototype, recast the classic three stripes drilling and other simple details, Adidas MESSI 15.1 FG Core Black Solar Green Solar Rod classic design, simple appearance, as long as one, Stan Smith will be able to capture your heart.
Nike Mercurial Vapor X CR FG   dyp Royal Blue Metallic Silver Racer Blue Nike Mercurial Vapor X CR FG Deep Royal Scroll Metallic Silver Racer Browse
Rick Owens as the most well-known pioneer brand, introduced a variety of shoes are in hot demand year, as the core of the soul of street style, vanguard design and texture is essential Diablo standard, this is a well-known inverted triangle prime example.
RICK OWENS design of this shoe when its source of inspiration is the NIKE AF1 shoes, Nike Elastico Superfly IC Gra White Neon Football after a launch on the improvement in fashion circles set off a boom. Fashion trends at home and abroad, can you imagine all the big names to have on foot.
Rivet and red background is Christian Louboutin’s signature logo. It has long been popular in the global wiping red, royal families, especially the big stars to join let Christian Louboutin fame, looking through the list of his customers, the rich that is expensive, royal dignitaries and Hollywood big stars all over, if there is a red sole magic, not only so many female obsession to be so many of them men trapped, Nike Mercurial Vapor X CR FG Deep Royal Scroll Metallic Silver Racer Browse unable to extricate themselves. Christian Louboutin shoes are generally divided into two types, one is high-top shoes SNEAKER kind is LOAFER shoes. However, certain elements are inseparable from the rivet.

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Shoes sports shoes as the most contact with in our lives, its high cost and comfort to the loved by the public, but the same pattern, similar in appearance and design make people feel monotonous. Forever hook, three bars, N word mark, saw a lot of help but feel a prevalent custom. Footwear men as one of the best ways to highlight the taste, how can careless, 2016 Nike Mercurial Superfly FG SE Camo Black Football so those unique design of sports shoes trend men’s particularly welcome that.
Nike Tiempo Legacy TF gul svart Red Nike Football Tiempo Legacy TF Yellow Black Red
Here I give a list of those who stand in the top of the pyramid of sports shoes to help you break the routine, to enhance the gas field towards the pinnacle of life.
Givenchy Tyson classic style sports shoes in the upper with three-dimensional stitching reflect different shoes, no matter what the season may be the top priority is the style. Three-dimensional sense of strong metal star is icing on the cake, Nike Mercurial Veloce II CR AG R Deep Royal Scroll Metallic Silver Racer Browse is a street of big kill.
Classic sneakers from GZ, the collision velvet uppers with metal element looks a lot more texture. A strong sense of science fiction and more rebellious gold buckle design highlights the young and uninhibited freedom. Giuseppe Zanotti spirit of the brand has been the art, and the spirit of rock music, while retaining good hand-shoe tradition, while watching the future.
valentino as Italy Chanticleer luxury, also in the past two years because of the rise of camouflage camouflage element while playing style. The camouflage shoes can be described as popular and critically acclaimed, camouflage stitching and rivets design popular and frequently appeared on various street shooting them, everybody has become fashion’s favorite.
Y-3 is a Japanese designer Yohji Yamamoto for Adidas invited to take care of the new high-end sports brand, style continues Yohji Yamamoto consistent with the nature of one of the most representative of this footwear is one of the Black Knight, it has been selected as the Top Ten shoes, on foot handsome invincible, Y-3 is definitely a fan can not miss. Yeezy 350 Boost uses a previously hot Yeezy 750 Boost similar design style, with the blessing of the technology Primeknit gray knit uppers, Nike Football Tiempo Legacy TF Yellow Black Red Boost outsole, laces rough size, in the bottom of the half-circle of black leather as decoration followed by the Department with the pulling ring made of canvas material, the use of ventilation to help low and compact design, the shoe it is a summer must-street shoes. Once on sale in the Sneaker circle ushered in a surge of bloody. More fired first million selling price, it’s still hard to find a shoe, many stars have also drying out on social networks yeezy, in order to prove their prospective trend.

Football Nike Mercurialx Proximo Gate TF Red Black Scroll

Another big improvement is the tongue and the inside of the shoes. Thankfully Furon generation “Burrito” semi-integrated tongue finally disappeared, although the name was cool, but comfortable shoes for a little help at all. Yes, I personally dislike this design is quite old models, updating a tradition tongue makes me feel very satisfied. Another point, Furon II retains the previous generation outsole for speed-type shoes, the outsole of this sole to provide effective and aggressive response, 2016 Nike Tiempo Legend We FG White Black Red no change is the best change. The disadvantage is that the toe space is too full, not to provide a more compact player wearing feel, but this is actually a good thing for the Chinese players shoes. America’s Cup, the European Cup opening soon, although the US brand Under Armour does not like other brands offer special packages color, but also for its Clutchfit 2.0 introduced two new series of color, both bright fluorescent yellow, there are also low-key black and white red color.
Fotballsko Nike MercurialX Proximo Street TF Red Sort Blue Online Football Nike Mercurialx Proximo Gate TF Red Black Scroll
The new UA Clutchfit 2.0 soccer shoes has landed PDS, the high-end version is priced at £ 160 FG, not the pursuit of big and focus on combat performance EZer can be a pair. In addition, Nike Mercurial Veloce II FG Football Orange Black Arsenal fans can follow the latest to join the Swiss midfielder Zakaria will likely wearing a new color in the European Cup stadium. “We have to challenge ideas for people on speed through the new Mercurial soccer shoes, science into the design in order to create the fastest football shoes,” Nike soccer chief designer Jeongwoo Lee said, “We focus on the whole design of this pair of shoes, thereby ensuring that it becomes a real rate system. in this system, all the material together and bring the best overall performance. ”

Lee and his team with Nike Innovation Kitchen (Innovation Kitchen), the Nike Sports Research Lab (Nike Sport Research Lab) and Nike athletics experts to cooperate. “Our first insight into an innovative breakthrough that better match the foot-shaped shoes, create 1: 1, the fit,” Lee continued, “We have been using the plane of the floor design style shoes, but not the human foot It is flat. ”

The new base plate and fit the natural contours of the foot, Football Nike Mercurialx Proximo Gate TF Red Black Scroll put aside the conventional gap between foot and shoe. Such soles make the foot feel fit and comfort, so that it is no longer hampered by the shoes but synchronized movement. “According to the foot sole contour design has a more natural fit feeling, so that the foot right embedded therein,” Lee said. “We work together with therapists believe that the design to reduce unnecessary movement within the shoe while shoes to reduce foot of oppression, to help the players in the game to minimize energy loss. “